Magadheera is going to be credited as the first Telugu film to be simultaneously released in Canada. Supreme movies that bagged overseas rights are going to make it possible. Magadheera will be releasing in Toronto and Kitchener

Kajal Agarwal- the heroine of Magadheera, the heroine of Bummy, the heroine of Ram in Ganesh.. just Ganesh, 8s busy, she has no time to breathe but she has a loving mother who dotes on her and sees all her needs are met. For the past one year she's been stay put in Hyderabad, shuttling from one film to another, working round the clock, Kajal is in demand not just because she looks glamorous…but because she delivers the goods too.

Why can't she have her family here? No says Kajal. Her father has a good job, her sibling has a great career, her granny is above 70 and she has her own friends circle which she doesn't want to disturb. But her mother has sacrificed it all for her. "She is with me always, she is my stress buster, but for her I would have gone crazy."

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