‘Actors don’t live in the real world’

In his 15-film career, Navdeep has had to deal with more flops than hits, but the actor is not one to give up. the 24-year-old who has been missing in action, is all set to make a Tollywood comeback and has three films slated for a back-to-back release.
Despite making waves in the Tamil film industry with Arinthum Ariyamalum, Navdeep, who was last seen in a small cameo in Ready, says he is keen on moulding his Tollywood career again. “In the last two years, I did three Tamil films and have also been shooting for Arya-2. This is probably why my fans didn’t get to see much of me. Also, my previous Tollywood movies didn’t do well and I was waiting for something interesting,” he says.
Out from a “hibernation” of sorts, Navdeep is treading cautiously in the industry now. “While I enjoy working in both the industries, Tollywood is where I feel at home. But when I choose films here, I’m extra careful, since the Telugu film industry is more image conscious and hero-centric,” he adds.
The young actor also admits that his no-show at the box office is because of a few “obligatory” movies he did. “I used to oblige friends who approached me with requests and most of them bombed. But now I’ve learnt not to yield to pressure,” says Navdeep, who is now helping his brother find his footing in the film industry. “I help Parthu get in touch with the right people, but nothing beyond that,” he clarifies.
For an actor keen to make his mark in Tollywood, Navdeep is conspicuous by his absence at most filmy dos. “I prefer staying away from filmy bashes. I don’t like to be in a place where all film stars do is talk about movies. I don’t think they live in the real world, which is why I prefer staying away,” he says.

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