Pawan Kalyan suffering from backpain !

pawan kalyan backpainPawan Kalyan is currently shooting in dubai for PULI’s songs and will return to india in december after completing 2 duets abroad.
Last song will be shot on sets in hyderabad.
Before the unit left abroad, pawan completed some patch work in hyderabad and during that shoot he could not work all day due to his lower back pain.
Pawan was seen in constant pain and he even wondered if he developed stones in kidney which might have come to him hereditarily from his mother.
He will undergo a checkup abroad after songs are shot and will return to india only after some rest.
This is the main reason why PULI got postponed to february 2010 release.
Also, considering his health, pawan has not officially accepted Ganesh babu – Harish Shankar’s movie till date.
He will decide about it only after returning to india.
The reason behind dropping surender reddy’s Mr.Perfect script is that pawan liked the story initially but was not satisfied with surender’s narration of screenplay later.
He felt surender cannot handle this subject according to his image effectively and also surender demanded Rs.7 crores as his remuneration, which pawan felt he doesn’t deserve that much for his low level skills.
Wishing Pawan a speedy recovery and healthy career soon..

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