Pawan Kalyan’s movie with VijayBhaskar

As we already know that the Pawan Kalyan’s film with Harish Shankar got cancelled. Tollywood industry is at strong buzz that the Power star Pawan Kalyan will soon be seen in Vijay Bhaskar’s direction. Ganesh who was supposed to produce this movie is going ahead with Vijaya Bhaskar as director. Story and Screenplay for this movie will be provided by Trivikram Srinivas.
Pawan Kalyan is currently busy in wrapping up his ‘Komaram Puli’ under the direction of S.J.Surya.

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Anonymous said...

best dancer is alluarjun. ni amma ame cheating ra
aa NTV,ABN,TV5,ETV,NSTUDIO evvanni panikirani
channels.evvudu ra ni amma vote veseytappudu aina
neeti,nijaithi untadira puku na kodakalara.
filmyweb annedi ntr anney kodukulde.
donganakodukulu veelu elago no1 place ki raraani
fix ipoyaru kanisam e polling lonu iana meem untamrababu.maku elago chatakadu ntr family
panikiranidi.polling aanedi nijayetiga undali ra puka

Anonymous said...

At present allu arjun is undoubtedly the best dancer in India.But chiru is ultimate dancer in india in any regard.He has the best face expressions,ease,at the age of 54 also he dance like anything.Zoo gadi laga orrike body shake chesthe saripodhu.Anittlo effort vundali.

Andhar lo thappa other states lo vadi movies evaru chudaru and like cheyaru.As you can see that nandhamuri family has never done any movie in oter languages.

Megafamily is leading the industry as chiru has done films in bollywood,kollywood and produced hits.Allu arjun is king of malluwood.And now our ram charan is going to rock in bollywood.

Andhra lo caste and party chusi movies chustharu kabate nandhamuri family chusthunaru.Leka pothey evaru chudaru.Where as mega family movies are released all over the world and have be hits.

Only talent matters in film industry not the family name like nandhamuri without any talent,and always saying about sr.ntr.

Talent vundhi kanuke megafamily lo andharu success avuthunaru ,where as in aothers family they are waste.

Please encourage talent not any thing else.

Do what your heart says but don't do things blindly on others things.

I hate this media which is based on the caste.
I bet that no media in AP is good.They all support their caste and thier interests,but not people.

So wake up andhra.AP MEDIA=MAFIA.

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