Magadheera Review

Cast: Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Srihari, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Sarath Babu, Rao Ramesh, Surya, Mumaith Khan, Sameer, Sekhar, Kim Sharma, Saloni & Hema
Music: MM Keeravani
Background music: Keeravani & Kalyani Malik
Cinematography: Senthil Kumar
Dialogues: Ratnam
Art: Ravinder
Editing: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Fights: Peter Hynes & Ram Lakshman
Styling: Rama Rajamouli
Co-producer: Bhogavally Prasad
Story: Vijayendra Prasad
Screenplay, & Direction: SS Rajamouli
Producer: Allu Arvind

The much awaited magnum opus Magadheera released to packed houses all over. Magadheera is a treat to all megafans. It's worth waiting 2 years.

Highlights : First Half
** Opening shot from 1609 A.D.
** Charan introduction with Bike Race.
** Bangaru kodi petta song.
** chiru guest appearance.
** comedy between sunil kajal charan.
** charan chasing bus riding on horse.
** charan kajal excelled in their characters.
** interval shot.

Highlights : Second Half
** Flash Back episode never before in indian screen.
** Badshah ( horse name ) saving charan.
** Horse race.
** War with sher khan.
** entire second half is mind blowing, spell bound.
** charan dialogue delivery is excellent.



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Kajal excited about 'Arya 2'

Kajal Agarwal seems to be one of the most sought after actress in film industry these days. She has a number of offers in her hand and some of them are from big banners as well. Meanwhile she is working with Allu Arjun in “Arya 2”.

Allu Arjun who is affectionately known as ‘Bunny’ seems to have impressed this sexy actress. Speaking about him, Kajal said that he is a remarkable dancer.

She also added that he is professional on sets and while shooting. Meanwhile talking about the movie, she said that she is excited about the movie in which she is playing an important role and this happens to be a continuation of the blockbuster hit ‘Arya’.

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Ramu wrapped groundwork on Paritala Ravi

Popular filmmaker Ramgopal Varma is busy preparing for his next flick “Rakta Charitra”. He is known for his underworld movies and this flick is also expected to be of a faction theme. This movie is based on the life of slain leader Paritala Ravi.

Vivek Oberoi is said to be playing the role of the leader. He is already studying about Ravi’s life to understand the script better. Vivek Oberoi feels this is an experience of a lifetime and owes it to Ramgopal Varma.

Sources also confirm that Kollywood handsome hero Suriya will also play an important role in this flick and for now, Ramu is ready to scare the audience with his new movie ‘Adavi’ getting ready to hit the screens.

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Magadheera Movie Review

Magadheera - Royal and spellbinding
(Friday, July 31, 2009)

The time has come for all those who were waiting to see the magnum opus. The film ‘Magadheera’ with Ramcharan Teja and Kajal Agarwal finally hit the screens and this is deemed as the most promising blockbuster beating the likes of ‘Pokiri’. How good was it, let us see.


In the 16th century, Kalabhairava (charan) is a warrior general and Mitra (Kajal) is his queen. However, she is in love with him and he loves her too but never expresses it. Mitra is lusted by her relative Randev (devgill) and he is the commander in chief of the kingdom of Udaygarh. He manages to separate Bhairava and Mitra but not before he dies. The story comes to the present times when Harsha (charan), an avid biker has his life going smoothly. This takes a turn when his hand brushes with that of Indu (kajal) on a rainy day and before he sees her, he knows that there is something between them. Finally he manages to see her and love happens. But not before, Randev is born again as Indu’s relative and history repeats. Does Indu know her past? Is Harsha successful in his love? Go to the theatres and watch it.


Charan has come up with a mature performance and he has carried the film very well. Both his characters were done good justice and he reminded of his father at many places. Kajal looked bubbly, seductive and royal and she was the best choice. Devgill was a letdown as he could not emote that well, his act could have been tuned. Srihari was effective, Sunil was neat, Brahmi was regular, Sarath Babu was graceful, the others did their bit as per the standard.

Technical aspects

The main life and soul of the movie is the graphics and the visual effects department. They were well supported by a masterly cinematography. The script was without any loose ends, the screenplay was neat and the background score was alright. Editing was crisp, two songs were worth humming, the picturization of the songs was good. Art department and costumes get full marks in this.

Director’s portrayal

The director has been careful not to divert anywhere and he has shown his gift of narrative during the second half. Though the content was not much, he has been able to use his experience and kept the audience engaged. The storyline of the film finds traces of Hollywood flicks but then he has converted them enough to suit the Telugu audience.

Critic’s view

The film deserves a special credit for many reasons, notable among them is the grandeur of the movie and the amazing technical aspects. While the first half was rather weak and the take off was a bit on the slow side, the film picks up rapidly and makes up for the lost time. This is surely a path breaker in terms of Telugu film making and with the likes of ‘Arundhati’, Tollywood sure is proud to have this one in its league. It is a valiant attempt to bring such genre to the modern day audience and present it with finesse so that it fits the historical angle and the today’s angle. Though the content part may not be impressive, it is the presentation and the engaging scenes that should take the movie to a bumper success at the box office.


The film should be watched for undergoing an unspeakable experience with the following:

The bike adventure in first half
The Set of Udayagadh replicating the 16th century empire city
Background sound that brings Goosebumps
Wonderful canning of songs viz., Cheppinde Cheppake.., BangaruKodi petta and Dheera Dheera
Battle at Bhaiaravakona between Kalabhairava and Sher Khan’s soldiers
Climax song for its creativity



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Get set to watch Anjaneyulu’s funny actions on Aug 12

This news is only coming as a reminder as we have already mentioned a few days ago that Ravi Teja-Nayantara starring ‘Anjaneyulu’ is all set to hit worldwide theaters on August 12. The film directed by ‘Yuvata’ fame Parasuram is currently under a song shoot. Comedian turned producer Ganesh Babu is producing this film under his banner Parameswara Arts banner which is his first film. The music composed by S Thomas was recently released and is said to be getting very good response. K Ravindra Babu is handling the camera.

Ravi Teja's funny actions are the main attractions of 'Anjaneyulu'. It is said to be a tailor made role for Ravi Teja in which he excelled.

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Ashta Chamma, a lesson for ISB students

It is learnt that the film ‘Ashta Chemma’ is going to be a lesson for ISB (Indian School of Business) students. This movie is going to be a case study for them since it was released as a small budget film which later turned into a big film. The producer made ‘Ashta Chemma’ with new star cast with less budget and then how he marketed the film is the case study for the ISB students.

After learning that their film has been taken as a lesson in ISB, producer Ram Mohan and director Mohankrishna Indraganti expressed their happiness. On the eve the process also informed that he is going to make yet another film shortly under his Art Beat Capital Productions for which Indraganti Mohankrishna is again going to be the director. He said that he would announce the details of it shortly.

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Another tragedy for Raavan

Mani Ratnam is directing movie titled Raavan is being canned in Chalakudy in Kerala where entire team along with Aishwarya and Abhishek Bacchan are over there for the past couple of weeks. Already this movie shooting is delayed due to Mani Ratnam having sudden heart attack, another tragedy that struck the unit when a wild elephant entered the shooting spot and trampled a team member. However, details about the unit member who succumbed to the attack were not available immediately. Incidentally, the Raavan unit also had a trained elephant at the shooting spot.

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Review of 'Magadheera' - Tollywood movie to Hollywood Standards

Movie : Magadheera -

Star Cast : Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, Kajal, Dev Gil, Sri Hari, Surya, Sarath Babu, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Hema, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Subbaraya Sharma, Rao Ramesh.

Director : S S Rajamouli

Producer : Allu Arvind

Banner : Geeta Arts

Music Director : M M Keeravani

Release Date : 31st July 2009.

Overall Review : Worth watching movie, one of its kind in Tollywood


During the year 1609 A.D - A warrior by name Kalabhairava lives in Udayghad Kingdom where he would be a soldiers trainer, Mitravinde - role is played by Kajal who will be a Yuva Rani of Kingdom.
Kalabhirava (Ram Charan) acts as a bodyguard to Udaigadh's princess Mitravinda (Kajal) and also trains the king's soldiers. Mitravinda loves Kalabhairava. she falls in love with Kalabhairava, On the other hand, the king's nephews Billa (Dev Gil) wants to take over the kingdom and marry the princess. In a challenge, Billa gets defeated by Kalabhairava. Meanwhile, a Muslim emperor Sher Khan (Srihari) plans to take over the kingdom with the help of Billa. In an epic battle, Kalabhiarava saves the kingdom and also gets killed along with the princess. During a war all four of them die and again take birth after 400 years.

In the rebirth Harsh (Ramcharan) will be a bike racer making money with races, he falls into love with Indu who will be Kajal again in her rebirth and Raghuveer ( Dev Gil) is be again a heroine chaser. Interesting thing to watch as to how the movie patches up both the births is to be seen on big silver screens.


Excellent performance presented by Ramcharan, according to sources, Charan has proved his mettle in this movie, as such all the appreciations must go to S S Rajamouli. Talents presented by Charan like horse riding, sword fighting, dances are highly impressive. The dance for the song Bangarau Kodipetta must be talked, stunning dance from Ramcharan. Its clearly seen that there is a real hard work behind this dance, infact role played by Charan requires lot of home works. On the whole Ram Charan - S S Rajamouli must thank each other for their contributions to the movie. Charan must be appreciated for his dialogue modulation from 1600 AD to the present generation dialogue delivery.

Kajal Agarwal- Has done her best to prove herself and she has done it with her beautiful presentation, infact selection of heroine credit must be given to S S Rajamouli.

Srihari : As usual he is known for his acting talents once again proved his mettle by playing powerful role of Share Khan. Another excellent performance from Srihari, most powerful dialogue delivery from Srihari.

Dev Gill though originated from Bollywood has got the edge of comfort level in this movie, Rao Ramesh played excellent role of Aghora Sadhu and Sunils comedy is just upto the mark.

The producer Allu Arvind , Director SS Rajamouli and other technicians such as music director, cinematographer and the people involved in graphic and #D effects must be appreciated for making such a great Telugu film.The film has high production values, the credit goes to the producer who dared to spend big money on the project.

Technical Performances :
This film needs special mention for its technical crew. Every technical member has excelled in one's own right. Rajamouli should be mentioned first for his vision, for his perfection, and for his directorial capablilites. He has now become the master of commercial movies. There is no other director in Telugu to understand the pulse of the so-called mass audiences. He once again proved that none can beat him in elevating the heroism, picturizing fantasy or period films. He always had a vision, no doubt, but this time, he executes with perfection.

Other person who deserves praising is M.M. Keeravaani, songs of the movie especially Dheera Dheera and Panchadaara songs are outstanding and is very catchy, Art director Ravinder's work is really commendable. The Udaigadh set is almost real! The film looks grand, all because of this art director and adding more flavor to it is special effects and graphics are also superb if you look at it with Indian film standards in mind.

Overall Review : This is the movie that is advised for all Telugu people and movie lovers to watch as it is worth while watching movie ever made in Tollywood with Hollywood standards. The soul and strength of Magadheera lies in the 400-years-old episode that occupies about 45 minutes in the second half. This entire episode amazes the audiences. It is not to say that the rest of the scenes are not interesting but this episode is the life of the movie and etches in our mind long after leaving the theater.

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Overseas rights:Magadheera Rs 2 crore-Josh 1.1 Crores

Mana Andhraites all over the globe have much reason to rejoice now. Tollywood is heading the Bollywood way by releasing their movies worldwide. With the 75-million strong Telugu community spread across several countries, filmmakers are taking the “international markets” very seriously. The overseas rights of big budget flicks are sold for anything between Rs 1 crore and Rs 1.75 crore while for small budget flicks, the rights cost around Rs 10 lakhs.

Magadheera is being released in over 15 countries simultaneously and will play on 1,500 screens worldwide, confirm sources with Geeta Arts, the film’s production house. Naga Chaitanya’s Josh, Ravi Teja’s Anjaneyulu and Junior NTR’s Adurs will also have simultaneous international releases. Sudhakar Kothamallella, managing partner of Great India films, which buys the overseas rights of over six Tollywood movies every year, says, “We have a tie-up with Adlabs in the US. They have seven screens where we screen these films. In the recent past, Kick, Arundhati, Kotha Bangaru Lokam and Akashamantha did very well at the international Box Office.”

Interestingly, to classify the popularity of actors, distributors use a grading system. Mahesh Babu and Pavan Kalyan movies are the most sought after by T’wood and they are placed in the ‘A++’ category along with directors like Shekar Kammula and Trivikram Srinivas. Nagarjuna, NTR Junior, Dil Raju and Charan belong to the ‘A’ category, while stars like Allu Arjun and Prabhas are placed in A- category.

Directors admit that it is primarily also a profit-driven move. Director P.C. Aditya, reveals, “The collections we get in 10 days from the US market is equal to the 100-day collection here since we are earning in dollars.”

Shyam Prasad Reddy, the producer of Arundhati, agrees. “Every movie’s business opportunity needs to be exploited. Though Telugu movies are not as big abroad as Hindi films, a decent revenue is being generated,” he says. Film critics, who are all for this move, feel this trend is ringing in a great boom. Parcha Sarath Kumar, member of the Censor Board and a senior film critic, says, “Directors are also using this hype abroad to publicise the film here.”

* Ram Charan Teja’s Magadheera sold out for Rs 2 crore.
* Ravi Teja’s Anjaneyulu sold out for Rs 73 lakh.
* Naga Chaitanya’s Josh sold out for Rs 1.1 crore.
* Pavan Kalyan’s Puli sold out for Rs 1.75 crore.

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Chiru wish to direct to Charan

Megastar - PRP Chief Chiranjeevi expressed his desire to media that he intends to direct a movie with Charan as hero like 'The Brave Heart' and I am sure Charan will justify the role, this is the wish of Chiru and lets hope that it gets fulfilled.,

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Allu ramalingaiah gari vardhanti

nEDu allu ramalingayya gari vardhanti. bhoutikanga aayana mana madhyana leka poyina "navvu" vunnata kalam aayana mana manasulalo vuntaru.

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200+ member anti-piracy team for Magadheera

Producer Allu Arvind of Geeta arts made Magadheera with huge budget of Rs.40+ Crs. The film is hitting 1500 screens in 14 countries Globally on 31st July.
Now Allu Arvind is taking all measures to control the piracy. A special team with 200+ members are already formed to fight this piracy

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Namo Venkatesa unit in Europe

Shooting of Venkatesh’s latest film Namo Venkatesa with Trisha playing the heroine will be shot in Europe.

The movie will be extensively shot in UK for 35 days. Sreenu Vaitla of Dhee, Dubai Sreenu, Ready and King, is directing the film. Anil Sunkara, Achanta Gopinath and Achanta Ram are jointly making this film under 14 Reels Entertainment banner.

Venkatesh is playing the role of a ventriloquist in this film. He recently took some professional training in ventriloquism to play the role with ease.

The movie is said to be a complete family entertainer. Gopi Mohan is providing the story. Trisha is pairing up with Venkatesh for second time after the blockbuster movie Aaduvari Matalaku Ardhale Verule.

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Telugu Cinema News : Maghadeera black ticket cost RS.1, 000 only.

Ram Charan’ latest sensational movie ‘Maghadeera’ has become hot topic for the media. All most all the Telugu news channels are telecasting special stories and interviews on film Maghadeera.

The advance booking ticket counters which opened in the morning today were closed within an hour, as all the tickets for the next three days were sold out in no time. Police finds it difficult to control the large crowds gathered around theatres hoping for tickets at any cost.

The high demand for the tickets yields a hand sum returns for the black marketers. Many of them sold the Balcony tickets which costs between Rs.50-100 depending on the centre and theatre, for Rs.1000, which is 10-20 times of its original cost. To their surprise there is huge demand for those tickets also.

Taking advantage of the high demand, black marketers in some cities even brings fake tickets into circulation. People were shocked to know that they have purchased fake tickets at the cost of Rs.1000. On hearing about the fake tickets police jumped into action and began investigation to avert further sales of fake tickets, keeping in view of the two big films ‘Josh,’ and ‘ Mallanna ,’ which are ready for the release.

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Magadheera theaters list


Mumbai booking opened in pvr site, mumbai fans njoy


Indirapuram SHIPRA MALL


Big cinemas, chinchwad
City pride, kothrud
City pride, satara road
Mangla multiplex




1. Krishnamahal - DP
2. Venkata Krishna
3. Hollywood
4. Bollywood
5. Bala Baskar
6. To be Finalised


1. Sangamitra
2. Mini Sangamitra


1. Gorantla Complex – DP


1. Saradamba


1. Srinivasa


1. Sangam - DP


1. Jaya Lakshmi - DP


1. Lakshmi - DP


1. Srinivasa


1. Urvasi
2. Venkateswara – DP


1. Suresh Mahal


1. Basaveswara - DP


1. Lakshmi


1. Kalamandir


1. Jaya Lakshmi - DP


1. Rama Krishna - DP


1. Venkateswara


1. Rama Krishna Super Deluxe - DP


Center Theater
Vizag Sarat Full run
Vizag Sangam One week
Vizag Jagadmaba 2 weeks
Vizag Gokul 1 week
Vizag Sreekanthi 1-3 days
Kancharapalem Urvasi Full run
Gopalapatnam Mourya Full run
Gopalapatnam Sankara 1 week
Pendurti nataraj Full run
Kothavalasa Lakshmi Narasimha
Gajuwaka Mohini 70 Full run
Gajuwaka Mohini 35 1 week
Gajuwaka Mini Mohini 1 week
narsipatnam Jagannath Full run
Anakapalli ramakrishna
Chodavaram Purna
Narsipatnam Kanya complex
Payakarao peta Gowtham
Yelamanchili ?
Vizianagaram NCS Full run
Vizianagaram Balaji
Salur Lakshmi complex
Bobbili Vasavi
Gajapati nagaram Gangaraju
Paravatipuram Padmapriya
Rajam Seetha rama Full run
Rajam Apsara
Cheepurupalli Ramanjaneya
Srikakulam Saraswati mahal Full run
Srikakulam Suryamahal
Kaviti Mahalakshmi
Palasa Bhaskara Rama Full run


Devi Multiplex


INOX Cinemas
Swarna Palace
Jai Hind

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Anjaneyulu Songs Download

1.Dilse Bolo

2.Yem Vayaso



5.Nuvve Kantapadanante

6.Rajulake Raraju

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After Horse Riding , its Sky Diving for RamCharan

After showing his horse back riding skills in Magadheera, which was seen in its trailers and posters, Ramcharan Tej is learning sky-driving for his next film with 'Bommarillu' Bhaskar.
This movie will be entirely shot in Newyork and Genelia is heroine in this film

Other cast will be mostly selected from NRIs in USA only

More details of this movie will be announced after magadheera release

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Hrithik gets Suzanne Tattooed on his wrist – Photos

Is it Barbara Mori effect or the sudden eruption of love for Suzanne? But Hrithik Roshan surely made a statement this week when he tattooed his wife’s name on his wrist. Watch photos of Hrithik getting the tattoo done.

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Ramcharan-A trained classical singer, excited about the future

A trained classical singer, brand endorser for a cola giant and a mega son.

In his two-year old film career in Tollywood, 20-something Ram Charan Tej has a difficult legacy to live up to. Setting himself as an independent entity from his megastar dad Chiranjeevi, is a tall order. For someone who’s always compared to his dad for everything (to the extent that he was nervous about his on-screen riding skills for his new film, since Chiranjeevi’s riding skills in Kondaveeti Donga and Kodama Simham were much appreciated) Ram Charan claims he’s just another “normal guy” who hero worships his iconic dad.

When Hyderabad Times met up with the young dreamboat at his Jubilee Hills residence, he sounded excited about his new film Magadheera, which is the talk of Tollytown but admitted to feeling unhappy that the big-ticket film was being labelled as Chiranjeevi’s last film.

“I don’t want the film to be his swan song,” says the actor, who is hopeful that he can convince his reluctant dad to do “one” more film at least.

Working on a big budget extravaganza which is being touted as the costliest venture to have been made in the Telugu film industry so far, Ram Charan says filmmaker Rajmouli was “waiting for four years with the script because the film demanded an actor who’s also a skilled horseman”.

Horse riding, admits the actor has been a childhood passion and he’s glad that it could be used for the role. Incidentally the actor didn’t use body doubles to perform risky stunts for the film.

Ram Charan also inspired director Bhaskar to think ‘differently’ and come up with a peppy love story. “It revolves around me, Genelia and one more character and will be shot in New York,” says the actor who’s learning to skydive for the role.

Unlike Bollywood, Telugu filmmakers are caught between romance and action films. Ram Charan feels otherwise. he says, “We are trying out new themes, but Bollywood seems to have fallen back with potboilers, using star names, glam quotient and wafer-thin plots.” He’s also put Praja Rajyam Party’s poor show in the recent elections behind him.

“We realised that the charisma of one person is not enough. We required equally capable 200-odd members to enable us to form the government.” Ram Charan who actively campaigned for his father, rules out “political aspirations” and says acting will remain his “first and last love.”

After a marathon 260-day schedule for his film, Ram Charan’s now eager to catch up with all that he’s missed. “I am getting back to my books and movies. I enjoyed watching the Hollywood
flick Hangover tremendously,” he says. In fact, he was so busy that Ram Charan had to forgo his holidays. But he’s making up for that with “a couple of days’ break” to rejuvenate himself.

Has he added some new friends to his list? “No. I believe in the adage that the more friends we have, the more our problems intensify. I cherish the small set of friends I have,” he chips in.
Is he wary of living up to people’s expectations? “Oh, I’ll live up to the huge expectations,” asserts Ram Charan before bidding us a warm goodbye.

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Magadheera Theaters list - Nizam

hyderabad rangareddy

sudharshan35(mm)-rtc cross roads
cinemax-banjara hills
big cinemas-ameerpet
cine planet-kompally
shanthi-narayana guda
konark-dilshukh nagar
shivani-dilshukh nagar
mahalakshmi (35mm)-kothapet[dilshukh nagar]
sri devi-r.c.puram
sri sai ram-malkaj giri
sri lakshmi-karaman ghat
vijaya lakshmi-l.b.nagar
sri ramullu-mussa pet
prathap-longer house
amba-mehdi patanam
sri ramana-amber pet
gokul-erra gadda
vijetha-bora banda
galaxy-towli chokki
hi tech-madhapur
sri devi-chilakala guda
sai ranga-miya pur
sai pooja-surrarram


amrutha-hanma kondha
lakshmi-mahabubaa nagar
jaya shri-narsam peta
jaya delux-parakalla
urwasi-bhupalla palli


lalitha mahal-nijamabad


durga-kotha guddemm
parameshwari-kotha guddem
udaya bhaskar-badhrachallam
vijaya bhaskhar-badhrachallam
sitha rama-ellandhu
sai balaji-sathu palli
venkateshwara-ashwaravu peta
sitha rama-munnugurru


maheshwari-sada shiva peta
nataraj-sanga reddy
cine max-medak
shiva ranjani-isna pur[magadheera is first movie gng to release in dat theatre]


annapurna-jammi kanta
sangeeth-pedda palli
shiva rama krishna-vemmulla wada

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3 Angels Productions-ASWINI DUTT

tollywood Latest news
Navadeep-Kajal and Nikhil-Bindu!

After 'Baanam', Aswini Dutt's daughters are going to produce their second film with Nikhil and Navadeep as male leads. We already know that, '3 Angels Productions' is the new production company floated by Aswini Dutt's three daughters, Swapna Dutt, Priyanka Dutt and Sravanthi Dutt. In this untitled flick, Navadeep and Kajal Agarwal are pairing up once again after 'Chandamama' and 'Arya-2' (not as pair). Another pair will be Nikhil and Bindu Madhavi. Debutant Prakash is wielding the megaphone. This film is going to be an episodic flick with different stories.

'Maestro' Ilayaraja is roped in to provide music for the film. The film was launched with a formal pooja recently and regular shoot would start from August.

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Trisha had a fight in Night Club

According to film nagar sources, Hemang Badani tried to move close with Trisha knowing she is a heroine, she in turn fingered him saying he is not a great cricketer and toed him in public, irritated Hemang has ended up with a scuffle with Trisha. Both have come out with hateful abuses. Both also got into physical tiff where both of their friends had to involve separating them. This was seen as celebrity fight in that club. This was dismissed as just a gossip by Trisha's mother, whereas Hemang is not willing to talk to media.

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Will Rana be launched on grand note?

Daggubati Rana is all set to make his debut through movie 'Leader', according to source, there is much expected from fans groups and associations of victory Venkatesh, as such Nagachaitanya was launched on a grand scale and now Venky fans are keen on Rana's launch who happens to be son of Venkatesh brother Suresh. Venkatesh fans wish to know if Rana will be launched on bigger scale than Naga Chaiatanya.

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Dad is my Light House : says Ram Charan

24-year-old Ram Charan Teja who plays the role of a prince is not content with just the power of the numbers. The film will attempt to recreate the magic that Ram Charan’s father Chiranjeevi had created with the song Bangaru Kodi Petta in his film Ghrana Mogudu.
Despite all this, Ram Charan, or Cherry as he is called, has his fingers crossed

“For now I’m not looking at records. I’ll talk about it after the release. We put in a lot of hard work. It took 260 days for us to shoot the film. While graphics and special effects are just padding, the story will strike a chord with the audience,” he says.

While few freshers choose period films, Cherry goes by instinct, “I’ve not designed my career. This script came to me and I took it up. I somehow like period films, the horses, the battles and the costume. After this I want to do a non-commercial experimental film.”

As for the failure of his debut, Chirutha, he’s pragmatic, “That movie didn’t yield the results we expected, probably due to audience expectations or flaws in the script. It was a learning experience.”

A B.Com graduate from St. Mary’s College in the city and an alumnus of the London School of Theatre, Cherry says being a star son has both its advantages and drawbacks. “Everybody expects me to dance or act like my dad. My dad has been here 30 years while I am only three-years-old in the industry. He is my inspiration and my lighthouse. But I can’t be him. So, I don’t take feedback from everyone. It disturbs the pattern. Being a star son is certainly more positive than negative. It all depends on how we use it. I am carving my own style.”

Charan is not disappointed over his father’s political debacle, “We did our best. Film charisma alone won’t do. Films are a different ball-game. Political success depends on team work. I have a Chiranjeevi, he doesn’t. So I thought it was my responsibility to support him which is why I campaigned for him.”

The upcoming star however, doesn’t want Tollywood to be a family-driven industry and welcomes fresh faces even while he asserts that he’s working hard to prove himself as an actor, “Being Chiranjeevi’s son, I have to work doubly hard to prove myself. There are more expectations from me. And if as actors we don’t enhance our qualities and grow with every film, we will be pushed way behind in the fierce competition the industry is seeing these days.”

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