Aarya2 1st in Initial Collection ( Asianet ) in Media

This is another happy news from Kerala media Asianet... in a film review program on Asianet news, named Silver Screen claimed that Aarya 2 breaked the initial collection records of the other movies released in 2010.

This is for the first time a dubbed film is breaking the records and competing with the malayalam. It was supposed to be "Happy Husbands" movie.... as the first grosser of this year, which now getting replaced by Aarya 2. Now the talk of the media is that the collection of the family entertainer Happy Husbands records will be beaten by A2 in the coming days by 3 times of Happy Husbands got.

Another funny fact about the A2 success is that many of the theater owners were not willing to show A2 since Mammooty's movie was also releasing the same date and also A2's releasing too postponed due to the release of Drona[Mammooty's] and also descent collection they earned from Happy Husbands.... and also due to the release of Asal.

Now Asal has been replaced by A2 in many theaters of North part of Kerala.

A2 is now competing with Mammooty's Yugapurushan, Dileep's Body Gaurd, Drona, and Happy Husbands.....

Enjoy fans... its our success.... n the great Kerala Prince MAllu Arjun... the third "M" factor of Kerala

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