Review of 'Magadheera' - Tollywood movie to Hollywood Standards

Movie : Magadheera -

Star Cast : Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi, Kajal, Dev Gil, Sri Hari, Surya, Sarath Babu, Sunil, Brahmanandam, Hema, Kim Sharma, Mumaith Khan, Subbaraya Sharma, Rao Ramesh.

Director : S S Rajamouli

Producer : Allu Arvind

Banner : Geeta Arts

Music Director : M M Keeravani

Release Date : 31st July 2009.

Overall Review : Worth watching movie, one of its kind in Tollywood


During the year 1609 A.D - A warrior by name Kalabhairava lives in Udayghad Kingdom where he would be a soldiers trainer, Mitravinde - role is played by Kajal who will be a Yuva Rani of Kingdom.
Kalabhirava (Ram Charan) acts as a bodyguard to Udaigadh's princess Mitravinda (Kajal) and also trains the king's soldiers. Mitravinda loves Kalabhairava. she falls in love with Kalabhairava, On the other hand, the king's nephews Billa (Dev Gil) wants to take over the kingdom and marry the princess. In a challenge, Billa gets defeated by Kalabhairava. Meanwhile, a Muslim emperor Sher Khan (Srihari) plans to take over the kingdom with the help of Billa. In an epic battle, Kalabhiarava saves the kingdom and also gets killed along with the princess. During a war all four of them die and again take birth after 400 years.

In the rebirth Harsh (Ramcharan) will be a bike racer making money with races, he falls into love with Indu who will be Kajal again in her rebirth and Raghuveer ( Dev Gil) is be again a heroine chaser. Interesting thing to watch as to how the movie patches up both the births is to be seen on big silver screens.


Excellent performance presented by Ramcharan, according to sources, Charan has proved his mettle in this movie, as such all the appreciations must go to S S Rajamouli. Talents presented by Charan like horse riding, sword fighting, dances are highly impressive. The dance for the song Bangarau Kodipetta must be talked, stunning dance from Ramcharan. Its clearly seen that there is a real hard work behind this dance, infact role played by Charan requires lot of home works. On the whole Ram Charan - S S Rajamouli must thank each other for their contributions to the movie. Charan must be appreciated for his dialogue modulation from 1600 AD to the present generation dialogue delivery.

Kajal Agarwal- Has done her best to prove herself and she has done it with her beautiful presentation, infact selection of heroine credit must be given to S S Rajamouli.

Srihari : As usual he is known for his acting talents once again proved his mettle by playing powerful role of Share Khan. Another excellent performance from Srihari, most powerful dialogue delivery from Srihari.

Dev Gill though originated from Bollywood has got the edge of comfort level in this movie, Rao Ramesh played excellent role of Aghora Sadhu and Sunils comedy is just upto the mark.

The producer Allu Arvind , Director SS Rajamouli and other technicians such as music director, cinematographer and the people involved in graphic and #D effects must be appreciated for making such a great Telugu film.The film has high production values, the credit goes to the producer who dared to spend big money on the project.

Technical Performances :
This film needs special mention for its technical crew. Every technical member has excelled in one's own right. Rajamouli should be mentioned first for his vision, for his perfection, and for his directorial capablilites. He has now become the master of commercial movies. There is no other director in Telugu to understand the pulse of the so-called mass audiences. He once again proved that none can beat him in elevating the heroism, picturizing fantasy or period films. He always had a vision, no doubt, but this time, he executes with perfection.

Other person who deserves praising is M.M. Keeravaani, songs of the movie especially Dheera Dheera and Panchadaara songs are outstanding and is very catchy, Art director Ravinder's work is really commendable. The Udaigadh set is almost real! The film looks grand, all because of this art director and adding more flavor to it is special effects and graphics are also superb if you look at it with Indian film standards in mind.

Overall Review : This is the movie that is advised for all Telugu people and movie lovers to watch as it is worth while watching movie ever made in Tollywood with Hollywood standards. The soul and strength of Magadheera lies in the 400-years-old episode that occupies about 45 minutes in the second half. This entire episode amazes the audiences. It is not to say that the rest of the scenes are not interesting but this episode is the life of the movie and etches in our mind long after leaving the theater.

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Chandrasekhar said...

Excelent film

sonia said...

Its a mind blowing movie. Hats off to Director for making movie comparable to Hollywood.Charan was simply outstanding

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