Chiranjeevi determined to look slimmer from summer 2010

chiranjeevi tying to slim down by summer 2010Apart from questions raised on his leadership abilities, Chiranjeevi has also faced one more question.
That is about his physique.
These days he look like he lost interest in maintaining his physique and was gaining weight each day.
Now, the megastar seems to have determined to silence his critics and news is that he is on healthy lifestyle. His target is to look smart and in shape from summer 2010 onwards and for this he has been following strict rules on food, doing timely yoga and taking part in aerobics etc.
Some say that this is also for his plans to make a comeback of sorts onto the screen but whether it is movies or not, the mega fans are said to be pleased to see a rather trim and shapely Chiru. Let us hope the summer of 2010 changes the fortunes for the megastar then.
On the other hand in a latest development in PRP, senior leader and former union minister Ch Harirama Jogaiah decided to quit the party on the issue of separate Telangana state.
Party sources said Jogaiah had sent his resignation letter to Chiranjeevi in the morning, stating that he was not happy with the decision of the party to support separate Telangana agitation. Right from the beginning, he had been opposing the division of the state and he did not raise the issue so far because the party had maintained a diplomatic stand on the Telangana issue. “It now appears that the party does not have a clear policy on the Telangana issue and has come out with a pro-Telangana stand succumbing to the pressures from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi and a few Congress leaders,” he is learnt to have said.
Sources say the Telangana is not the only reason for Jogaiah to quit the PRP. Ever since the party faced the debacle in the general elections and has been faring badly in the subsequent byelections and the recent GHMC polls, Jogaiah has been totally upset and is worred about his political future. Moreover, Chiranjeevi’s recent comment that some seniors who had been associated with him right from the beginning had stabbed in his back with wrong advice also hurt Jogaiah. Hence, the decision.

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