Director Tortured Ravi Teja And Thaman

When it comes to the role of a director, doing big movies with big stars and big banners is a major challenging task. Handling the egos of various seniors and experienced personnel is difficult. Unless there is a star director they will not listen. But here is one man who is in the growing stages but has won the accolades from many.
He is Ramesh Varma of ‘Ride’ fame and right now, he is busy with the making of his new movie ‘Veera’. Apparently, he has got a new name and that is ‘Super Cool’ director. The reason for that is his special ability to get work done despite many tantrums and other whims of key technicians and artistes in his unit.

On the other hand, those who saw the rushes of ‘Veera’ are patting Ramesh Varma on back and are saying “We should call you ‘Super Cool’ Director. We know how you finished the work with smiles despite long torture from your key technicians Chota K Naidu and Thaman and star artiste Ravi Teja. Now you are out of that big torture. You have a wonderful future as star director given your talent of getting work done.”
Ramesh Varma, replied them, “It sounds as torture for the people those who have seen technicians and artistes not listening to my words in first instance. I had to explain them in detail for every single idea. I love that and consider that as part of my job. With that I think. I’ve tortured Ravi Teja, Chota K Naidu and Thaman. Smile is the best medicine. When I smile in utter pressure, the immediate thing I find is pleasure. Things get solved with a pleasant smile when I’m in tension”.
Well, let us see how this ‘Super Cool Director’ is going to entertain with his new product ‘Veera’, produced by Tolly2Holly.

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