Sanskrit Song after long time in Ravi Teja's 'Veera' Movie

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has always been known for his hardcore masala dialogues and most of his songs also carry a special flavor which is relished by the masses. However, it appears that he might be arriving with a variety of sorts when it comes to the songs of his new movie ‘Veera’.
Many years back, in the film ‘Maharshi’ the lyricist Jonnavithula has written a Sanskrit song. After that, the essence of Sanskrit was heard on and off in few cinema songs and devotional songs. But there was never a full length Sanskrit song. However, it appears that Ravi Teja might fill that gap.
Sources say there is a full length Sanskrit song in his movie ‘Veera’ and the talented Thaman is composing the music.  However, one talk is that the song is not complete Sanskrit but it will have good parts of it. The other version is that it is going to be an authentic Sanskrit song. Only time will give the clear picture

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