Movie Review - Mallanna


Star cast: Vikram, Shreya, Krishna,

Director: Susi Ganesan

Music: Devi Sree Prasad

Release date: 21 August, 2009

The much awaited Vikram starrer magnum opus Mallanna finally hit the screens after a long delay. The film raised the expectations of the audience very much and it is a film that stars Vikram in five different roles. Let us see how far Mallanna had managed to live up to the expectations of the audience.


Mallanna (Vikram) is a CBI officer. He along with his friends who also work in different wings of the police and intelligence department forms into a team and comes to the aid of the poor. Mallanna takes the help of lord Mallanna of Srisailam in going about his plan to help the poor and the needy.

Mallanna spreads word that anyone who is in dire need of help or money should write it done on a piece of per along with their name and address an tie it to a sacred tree outside the Mallanna temple in Srisailam. The lord will answer their prayers and help them in their need. CBI officer Mallanna raids the rich and the corrupt in the state and robs the money they have amazed illegally and stashed away secretly. He then distributes the money among the poor and the needy.

Mallanna raids the residence of a rich and powerful tycoon PPP (Ashish Vidyarthi) and unearths millions of rupees. PPP then stages a drama and fakes that he has suffered a paralytic stroke. PPP even keeps this a secret from his own daughter Subbalakshmi (Shreya). She thinks that all this was only due to Mallanna and plans to teach him a lesson. She then follows Mallanna and pesters him to love her with an aim to take revenge later..

Mallanna is too smart to fall for her wicked idea. A top ranking officer Prabhu is assigned with the task of finding out as to who this mysterious Mallanna is. PPP nails Mallanna red handed with the help of fake CBI officers. He then makes him his business partner and asks Mallanna to rob the rich and give 50 percent of the money to him.

PPP also send Mallanna to Mexico to launder some money on his behalf. He senses his daughter Subbalakshmi along with Mallanna. There is another rich and corrupt AP man Rajamohan who has stashed away millions and has crossed swords with Mallanna.

The rest of the story is how Mallanna manages to hoodwink PPP and transfer the money to his own account to b distributed among the poor. Mallanna also manages to expose Rajamohan. Mallanna finally gets his love Subbalakshmi whom he marries in the end.


Vikram is the heart and soul of the film. He carries the entire film on his shoulders and does a fantastic job. Vikram impresses in the role of a CBI officer as well as that of Mallanna. Vikram also appears in the get up of a lady, an old sadhu and as a Pizza delivery boy. Vikram dances well and his fights and action scenes have also been composed very well.

Shreya gives excellent support to Vikram. She looks sexy and stylish and plays out her role to perfection. Shreya’s new toned up body is used to the maximum by the director who has dressed her up in trendy and revealing costumes. It is only Shreya’s unkempt hair style that is a letdown.

Superstar Krishna appears in a brief but key role as a CBI officer. Prabhu does a neat job as an intelligence chief. The rest of the star cast does a good job as per the requirements of the story.

Mumaith Khan sizzles in a hot remix song “Paccha gaddi loseti paduchu pillo,,,”

Ashish Vidyarthi as the evil PPP has a limited role to play and he does a neat job as usual.

The cinematography is excellent. Music by Devi Sree Prasad is top notch and so is the re-recording. The costumes, settings and locales are all very good and make the film very rich and classy.

The story is racy and the screenplay is equally gripping making the audience glued to their sets from start to finish. The hero Vikram has rendered four songs in the film. The songs – ‘Excuse me Mr. Mallanna’ and ‘Meow… Meow…’ are racy and have been picturized well.

The film made with a cost of about 60 crore is worth every rupee spent on watching it. Mallanna is a classic light hearted racy entertainer without excessive preaching and Vikram and the director make watching the move a pleasant and thrilling experience.

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