RGV's - Rakta Charitra may result in blood shed

HYDERABAD: Rakta Charitra (Bloody History), controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s proposed take on the legendary factional rivalry between slain TDP legislator Paritala Ravi and Maddilacheruvu Suri, is giving jitters to police who fear that shooting of the film in Rayalaseema may raise bloodthirsty critters to life. Ramu himself is as yet undecided on whether to script the history of Paritala and Suri in their respective native places – Venkatapuram and Maddilacheruvu. Indications are that he may afterall be content to shoot a major part of the film elsewhere in the State. Sources told Express that the AP Police raised security concerns when he hesitatingly putforward his proposal to shoot in Venkatapuram and Maddilacheruvu. Initially, he had decided to seek police protection for his cast and crew, including Vivek Oberoi, who plays Paritala, and Surya, who steps into the shoes of Suri. ‘‘He is still toying with the idea of shooting here. Though he has been assured of tight security, he has not yet made up his mind,’’ sources said adding that Varma was yet to send in a formal request for police protection. He told the officials that he intended to commence shooting in September but they hadn’t heard from him since. Even if he does get back to them, it is unlikely that the police will allow him to erect sets in the highly volatile villages of Rayalaseema region. ‘‘In Rayalaseema, one never knows what happens when. The rivalry between Ravi and Suri is common knowledge. Allowing shooting for such films would mean inviting unnecessary trouble as someone from these factions may try to create problems which will ultimately end up in a law and order issue,’’ a police official said. Sources indicated that Varma was focussing more on Paritala Ravi and might project him in the movie as a messiah and a rebel leader. That is what is bothering the police and perhaps, the Suri faction. Varma had already met Suri in Cherlapally prison and gathered inputs from police officials, both serving and retired, on the faction feuds, particularly in Anantapur and Kadapa districts.

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