Top Hero goes out of his way for Prabhu Deva!

Salman Khan does not seem to believe in the ‘Tit for Tat’ theory. Perhaps, that’s the reason he has a stronghold over the film industry- despite showing his displeasure over the mismanagement of monetary deals by producers, he remains at his helping best in return.

Salman yet again displayed his big heartedness, this time for the producer of his film WANTED. According to reliable sources close to the film, “Salman Khan was all up to help his producer come out of a difficult situation, as the shooting was about to wrap up due to a confusion. Prabhu wanted a specific location to shoot a few sequence of the song ‘Jalwa’ for his forthcoming film Wanted. However, on the day of the shoot, the location manager, by mistake had booked the place for two units, out of which one unit was already shooting there.”

The source goes on to add, “Prabhu Deva was about to call it a day, and started pack-up for the unit when Salman used his charm and requested the other unit’s production manager for shooting. And the next minute, our unit was all set-up to start and roll.”

As we mentioned earlier, there’s no Tit for Tat in Salman’s dictionary as Sallu Miya freely extends a helping hand to Producers; even though some of them cut his fee in the name of recession!

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