Everlasting fight between producers and directors in Tollywood

According to film nagar sources, there is an age old battle has been going on between two identities– the producers who are putting money for a film and the directors who come up with creativity and conceptualize a film. Here, there seems to be an ideology difference of starts for starters but eventually it takes the turn into an ego conflict. For the producer, he/she feels that they are the bosses since they have put the money and know what is best to get them the revenue. On the other hand, there are the directors who think that they hold the key to success with their creative thoughts and so they expect that freedom to get their ideas implemented. While this tussle is on, it is usually those who work with both the director and producer that get caught in the crossfire. A small instance would be the bikini show of a heroine and while the producer might want her to wear something skimpy and just lie in the bedroom to get the oomph, the director might want her to run along the seashore to give that sensuous touch. All in all, it is the actress who is not sure what to do and stands with the bikini on while the debate goes on. There are times when due to such clashes, the films suffer big time and even if they get completed, they would lack the quality and the flavor. Many movie pundits say that while the fights between the directors and producers are eternal, what they don’t realize is that in their conflict, the film, the banner in which it is made and also the reputation of those involved, all are at stake. Usually, the consequences are always negative so it is about time, the director and producer come together and focus on the work to be done than working on boosting their egos.

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