'Magadheera' - Promotion sends wrong signals

‘Magadheera’ is sensational hit at box office breaking collection records, However, one of their strategies seems to be actually misfiring and sending a wrong signal to the people. This is about ad that is currently being aired in the Radio Mirchi channel and the claimed conversation is between Charan and Srihari with a context of giving tickets to as many audiences as possible with similarity to the anti climax scene in the movie.

A mimicry artiste delivers the following lines.

Srihari: “Kalabhairava! Neeku dammunte vandamandini pampistha. Andariki ticketlu ippinchu”

Charan: “Lekka ekkuvaina parvaledu..takkuva kaakunda choodu sherkhan. Enthamandikaina ippisthaa ticketlu”

However, the listeners who have heard this ad say that this is more like conveying that theaters are empty and one can get the wrong interpretation out of it. They are now criticizing the creator of this ad and say that his creativity is of a rather inferior and sub standard quality.

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