Allu arjun six pack in south scope six pack heros in south s

six pack heros in south scope

If you have em, flaunt em! But how to get em? Ahem! Now, that's a big deal! Or is it? Blame it on Allu Arjun even though Surya stormed into the film industry with his six pack ­ sculpted ­ to ­ perfection ­ greek ­ god - bod.
But for some inexplicable reason, it didn't catch the fancy of the nation despite setting the screen afire. Perhaps Suriya's fantasy bod didn't seem accessible to an average man. Or they probably thought he was born that way.
But when Arjun converted his near skin and bones exterior to a well sculpted six pack abs and bared them with gay abandon, almost every member of the masculine gender in the audience woke up. The realization that it is achievable dawned on the star obsessed nation.
It's an entirely overlooked matter that our neighbourhood rickshawalas or construction workers always had them but had no clue that they were assets worth possessing. Hunks on screen inspire some real life action in guys of all ages to not give up on those ohso-wonderful six pack dreams but in reality it's not as hunky dory as it seems discovers Southscope
The positive fall out of the phenomenon is the recent trend of flabby Indian men hitting the treadmill with a never before gusto. Arjun's `in your face' presence on all channels crooning away to glory saw not just young guys but also middle aged mamas head to the gym around the corner. Result: gym owners are laughing all the way to their banks even as their list of members enrolling for instant six pack programmes is increasing each passing hour.

But hey, wait, here's a word or a page of caution for all you six and eight pack aspirants from Khan, Surya's personal trainer. Suriya, even though the latest to join the six pack brigade, has one of the best bodies in this side of the vindhyas. His Ahmed Haider pose has fast gained popularity ­ the reason being he appears well-proportioned.
Southscope offers his million buck mantra for you, straight from the star trainer's diary: Developing six packs and keeping them for life is no breeze, if you please. To begin with, you must understand even if you're a fitness buff, that your abs are a group of muscles just like your chest, shoulders, arms or legs. Don't, for a moment, dream of developing them in isolation. More importantly, the six packs these stars flaunt are for certain characters in their movies. And here's the clincher ­ they work at it because they are being paid millions or sometimes billions for that one role. Their faces are their fortune and their bodies their wealth.
If you look at the health factor - you need to have as little as six per cent body fat to sport a chiseled six pack which is next to torture for the human body. Fat is the storehouse for energy though that doesn't mean you need to be obese.
Ideal washboard abs are those that show as a six pack when warmed up.
For this, those of you who haven't ever stepped into a gym will have to wait for a minimum of at least six months - don't get taken in by those fancy advertisements. Remember, to tone muscles that have been dormant for ever takes a sustained dedicated effort.
The other point is, it isn't all about working out. The body has to be well energised. Now, don't grab a can of Red bull or Power Horse as you read this. We mean food and that again doesn't mean your thayir satham or kodi koora. What you need is a wellbalanced diet. Did you know that for muscles to remain and appear healthy the proportion is 70 per cent food and 30 per cent workouts? So no matter how hard you try either to get huge or lean, food is your mantra. Get it to get fit, okay?

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