Tollywood lacks good scripts

While the rest of Tollywood’s top stars believe in releasing only one film a year, amidst much fanfare, actor Venkatesh chooses to defy conventions. Even though the buzz surrounding his performance in Eenadu is yet to die down, the actor is gearing up for another release. But this time, he’s sticking to the tried and tested genre which has become his trademark — comedy.
“Comedies are always crowd pullers. The young audience love rom-coms. Moreover, I think I’m a natural in this genre,” says Venkatesh, who hopes to recreate the box office magic of films like Malleswari and Nuvvu Naaku Nachavu with his upcoming film, Namo Venkatesha.
Barring the few rom-coms that he enjoys doing, Venkatesh says there is a lack of good stories in the industry. “I used to do a lot of films earlier. But after watching good films made in the other industries, few local scripts interest me. I guess every actor goes through this phase. As actors, we have to compromise and make the most of whatever comes our way,” says Venkatesh, who feels that Tollywood needs to become more organised.
“Another problem plaguing the industry now is that every film exceeds its budget. While there are many who blame this on the high renumeration that stars demand, truth is that there is lack of planning here. Disorganised methods of working cost the filmmakers extra,” he says.
Content with the comfort zone he has created for himself in an industry full of newcomers, the religious actor attributes all his success to “divinity.” In fact, Venkatesh is planning to go on a break to “discover” himself after the release of his film. “Sometimes I want to be cut off from this world and give time to the inner self. I think it’s as important as giving time to your career and family. I will soon take a break to travel and meet spiritual gurus across the country,” says the actor.(DC)

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