Shilpa gets a wedding gift from Brown

The British House of Commons is not known for holding high-profile marriage receptions, that too for a Bollywood star. And the British Prime Minister is rarely seen giving wedding gifts to celebrity brides.
But that’s exactly what happened to Shilpa Shetty when British MP Keith Vaz hosted a reception for her and hubby Raj Kundra at the House of Commons in London.
Shilpa writes on her blog: "( I) was really touched by the memorabilia personally signed by Prime Minister (of Britain) Gordon Brown, given to us as a wedding present." Shilpa adds that she didn’t expect the glam party.
"When Vaz told us he wanted to do it at the House of Commons, I thought he was joking but he actually did it! So despite the snow storm - and we nearly thought we wouldn’t make it since a lot of cars had broken down - (I) wouldn’t miss it for the world. "So in my (designer) Manish Malhotra sari, nearly frozen (beauty comes with pain) we were trudging along in the snow, (and) reached the venue," writes Shilpa, who has been on a long honeymoon with Kundra.
The actress, looking resplendent in an embroidered brocade sari and precious stone jewellery, made a glamorous entry with Kundra and Vaz.
Kundra was thankful to Vaz who he said "was a dear friend" of theirs.
Despite a heavy snowfall in London followed by long traffic jams, the actress felt it was "worth all the effort (to attend the event) as we were just so humbled by the honour, the warmth and graciousness extended to us." Also, Shilpa went around taking a close look at the residence of the Speaker of the House of Commons.
The actress adds: "(We) also got the opportunity of getting to know the articulate Honourable Mr. Speaker and his wife Sally." On her tour inside the House of Commons, she writes: They (the Speaker and his wife) "very sweetly gave us a tour of their residence in the House of Commons, (I) have to applaud him for his memory and humility and humour, (they) both (are) such wonderful people."
Shilpa has already enjoyed a high-profile visit to the House of Commons way back in 2007.
At that time too, Shilpa attended a reception at the House of Commons by invitation of Vaz to meet the then- prime minister Tony Blair.
On the professional front, Shilpa has only one film in hand - Desire, an Indo-Chinese film. "(I) can’t wait to come back to warm Mumbai back to work soon, got to dub for my Indo-Chinese project Desire," she writes.

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