Danny Boyle, starring Aamir Khan?

Academy award winning director Danny Boyle is back in Mumbai and this time not just to meet his Slumdog kids, but also to finalise his plans on a film with Aamir Khan.
Talking about the film he’s making with Anurag Kashyap Danny said, "It’s a fantastic script and I have had a meeting with Anurag Kashyap and Aamir Khan. I don’t think Aamir is definite for it yet, but he is obviously perfect for the role."
"I have met Aamir before and I think he is unbelieveable and a very special person," he added.
In his latest trip to India Danny took some time out to meet his old friends Anil Kapoor and Shekhar Kapoor. He said, "I have had a wonderful meal with the two of them. I like staying in touch with people who are really close to me."
The director however denied reports about his meeting with Shah Rukh Khan and that he was accompanying SRK to the Doha Film Festival. "I won’t be able to meet Shah Rukh Khan as I will be going back to London," he said.(Ndtv)

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