Salman makes sponsors pay!

We all thought that when it comes to marketing their movies, only the other Khans are Kings.
Hear this one out. Salman Khan isn’t too far behind in the cause, in fact; the super-smart star uses a double-edged sword. With all noble intention only. During an exclusive interview with ZOOM, Sallu revealed, “Earlier I was not conscious of the way stars were used for charitable causes.
They went and entertained kids, orphans, interacted with them, did photo-opps etc, which is all good. It also made the stars look very good. Once that was over, no one really cared about the well-being of the children. So as producers, Sohail, Arbaaz and I decide to always contribute a certain amount, and then we casually ask our other sponsors and organisers how much they will be putting in?
We tell them - Why don’t you double what we are putting in? It embarrasses them so much that they have no choice and have to make a contribution.” With this the movies gets promoted better, the producers, actors, and sponsors are all khush. And the NGOs’ go home with their hearts and hands full. Kudos to Sallu. That’s what we call being human. So sweet! (TNN)

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