Smokin’ hot Aamir Khan!

Aamir Khan’s puffing like a chimney these days! The actor who quit the nicotine stick earlier this year as a promise to his son who was giving the board exams, is lighting up as many as 30 times a day currently.
The reason being his forthcoming release 3 Idiots. According to Aamir , “I tend to get nervous before the release of each film. And smoking kind of relieves the stress.’’ Close friends suggest that Aamir is superstitious about this ‘smoking-before-each-release’ pattern. However, his smoking has always been as much a topic of debate as everything else this elusive superstar does. People who witnessed the Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir bonding during the multiplex crisis say that SRK frequently asked Aamir, “Arre yaar, you’re not smoking these days? How do you do this — now on, now off thing? Let me in on your secret?”
But Aamir’s brown eyes would only twinkle with mischief every time because he has no secret formula for his now on, now off smoking pattern. What Aamir has, though, is the extreme will to treat the nicotine stick with disdain on one day and draw passionately on it another.
Can SRK or even Salman Khan match that? (TNN)

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