Kangana Make-up Tips

If you thought, looking beautiful is easy for Bollywood stars, here is what Kangna Ranaut has to say about doing the right make-up. Here are Kangna’s tips for the right make-up without looking caked.Kangna’s favourite shades and brands in make-up: They vary depending upon the time, occasion and her mood.While not shooting, Kangna’s make-up comprises: ’Very little. At home, you’ll never find me with make-up during the day’.
For eveningwear: Kangna prefers light make-up, maybe a concealer, some lip colour, some eye make-up. It’s an art to get the make-up right without piling it on.Kangna’s commitments: With five movies on the floors Kangna Ranaut barely has time to breathe.
Kangna’s new found friend: Kangna has struck up a friendship with Sushmita Sen on the sets of ’No Problem’ and they are still good friends. Kangna was qouted as calling Sush ’didi.

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