Salman Khan Silently Stealing Magadheera Getup

salman khan of Bollywood is busy shooting for his next release of “Veer”. Movie is known to be made on very high budget and the storyline dates back to medieval times of History and Indian freedom.
salman khan is doing a huge homework to shape up his body for the role of Veer and looks like a perfect Indian Gladiator. Although everything about the movie is being maintained as a secret, but the photo stills, settings, horse races, chariots, hero getup are known to be resembling the super hit movie on Indian screen “Magadheera”.
As Rajamouli adopted the best technicians in Asia for “Magadheera”, same is known to be done for “Veer” which is approximately known to be made on the budget of Rs.160 crores. Already many south Indian movie lovers are expressing their doubts about “Veer” being copied to some extent from “Magadheera.” It may not be story or the songs, at least the settings, fights, action sequences and art direction department may have sure learnt some lessons from first Indian gladiator Ram Charan’s “Magadheera.”

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