Katrina Kaif to record a song for AR Rahman

I just couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Katrina Kaif of all people was set to record a song for AR Rahman. Of course I had to verify my information.
When I asked around, a little birdie told me that this happens to be absolutely true. And what’s more, the actress who can’t speak in Hindi to save her life, will be singing in that very language! WOW.
So let me tell you what all this is about. Katrina was supposed to fetaure in the video for this children’s nursery rhymes album by AR Rahman. But now the actress has been asked to sing as well.
Initially it was agreed that Katz will sing the English compositions by Rahman. But Kat baby who’s always ready for challenges will now be singing the songs in Hindi.
And Kat apparently is all kicked about the idea. The girl is taking her Hindi lessons diligently. And is all set to rock the nation!

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