Raja plays safe now

For someone who started off with refreshing films like Anand and Venella, a successful career in Tollywood should’ve been a cakewalk. But actor Raja admits that he has had more misses than hits, and accepts that his recent spate of flops is a result of “wrong choices.”
That said, this gritty Vizag boy who came to Hyderabad to make a career in tinseltown is no quitter. undeterred by discouraging box office verdicts, the actor says he prefers to concentrate on the future rather than the past. “One does end up making the wrong choices and trusting the wrong people. Sometimes, even your instincts let you down. There’s no point dwelling in the past when you have the future to think about,” he quips.
Ask him if his upcoming Inkosari is an attempt at going back the off-beat genre of films that proved lucky for him in the past, and he says, “Off-beat or not, any film that makes money becomes a “commercial” film at the end of the day. So, they’re all the same.”
As nonchalant as he may sound, the fact remains that Raja needs a hit desperately. Point this out and he confesses, “I am kicked about Inkosari, which is a cosmopolitan film for the masses. I am sure it will be appreciated as it’s directed by Suman who co-directed Venella. The music is by Mahesh, the music director of Venella and I hope it will be a trendsetter like Anand.”
He may be keeping fingers crossed, but Raja insists he is in no hurry. “I want to do good films, even if it means that I will act in just one film a year.”
And even if that doesn’t happen, Raja has Plan B in place. The actor who has been campaigning for the ruling party in the state, says, he has plans to get into politics full time. “I have made mistakes in my film career and I don’t want to repeat the same in my political career. I’ve come across good politicians and educated ones, and I see myself as a politician in the near future,” he adds, shifting gears and sounding like one already. “If I am elected, I’d like to educate people on voting. Voting awareness, education, health and sanitation in the city are my priorities,” he says.(DC)

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