Guess Tollywood stars brand value

Guess what’s common between the reclusive and media-shy Mahesh Babu and screen sizzlers Hansika Motwani, Kaajal and Charmee? Besides the fact that Hansika they belong to the same film frat of course.
The goodlooking foursome have started doing endorsement of a different kind. All four actors are promoting mobile phone stores. Surprised? Well, R Madhavan promoted a mobile store in Chennai recently and Mahesh is now promoting the Hyderabad chapter of the same outfit.
So far we’ve had Tollywood stars endorse cola and soap brands or make ribbon-cutting appearances. What’s made them look for a new source of revenue to add to their bulky bank balance? Chirpy Charmee says, that for her doing one endorsement is as good as the other. “Endorsing a mobile store was just an expansion of my brand equity. I enjoyed doing it. The money was also good and I got great media mileage out of the campaign. What more can I ask for,” she avers.
A leading mobile store has signed current BO flavour Kaajal to promote their outlets. According to agency sources, Kaajal’s contract includes inaugurating the launch of the store, a photoshoot and promotional trailer on the store. For all this, stars need to spare three days from their busy schedules. “Of course having celebrities endorse the store will be an added attraction, but brands can retain their distinct identity only by offering good prices and customer-friendly service. Big pay cheques for stars doesn’t pinch us since it’s a part of our promotional budget plans,” says Baalu, owner of a top mobile city store using a Tollywood star to endorse it.
New entrant to the endorsement brandwagon, Hansika says that the reason she agreed to endorse a “city-centric” mobile store was simple: “They (the store) wanted a youth icon to promote their brand. I was an obvious choice. The dealers felt that young mobile users could connect to me in a big way. Of course, the pay cheque was good too,” adds Hansika.
It’s a win-win situation for mobile store owners (who are benefiting from the publicity), and the stars (who are laughing all the way to their banks) for now. (TNN)

Here’s what they took home
Hansika- Rs 18 lakh
Kaajal - Rs 15 lakh
Charmee-Rs 12 lakh

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