Hrithik with sexy heroine in hotel

At famed Hollywood celebrity eatery Mr Chows on the night before Halloween, known across the US as “mischief night” - legendary music mogul and “CEO of Hip-Hop” Russell Simmons hosted a private dinner for Indian star Mallika Sherawat, where guests included top Hollywood director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), urban-American film and TV pioneer Stan Lathan, the producers of Mallika’s upcoming film Hisss, as well as Bollywood hero Hrithik Roshan and his father, Bollywood producer Rakesh.
Discussion at the private dinner is said to have encompassed everything from cinema to yoga and spirituality, including Hisss and Mallika’s new American film project rumored to be announced during next week’s American Film Market, as well as
the progress of Hrithik’s latest film Kites which Mr Ratner has been working on and is presenting as a global film in the new year.
Gossip mavens surmise that both Mr Ratner and Mr Simmons were vying for the affections of Miss Sherawat all evening, even though the two powerful American men are known to be very good friends for the past 20 years. Rumor also has it that handsome heartthrob Hrithik took the culinary opportunity
to playfully chide Miss Sherawat about her eating habits, a running joke between the two Bollywood heavyweights. Seems “her majesty” will only eat raw vegan, prompting observers to comment that she consumes like a bird or gazelle.
The evening took an intense turn when the group exited the venue, as herds of paparazzi swarmed the scene to capture photos and video of the event, one of the more high-profile “Bollywood-meets-Hollywood” soirees in recent memory.
Shouts of “Mallika! Mallika!” were heard constantly as the star and her posse got in their limousine to flee the scene. A particularly committed paparazzi photographer followed Hrithik and Rakesh for two full city blocks before finally leaving the actor and producer in peace. (TNN)

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